New Year, New Change!!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hello Guys!!
First of all, Happy New Year!! I hope this new year brings happiness and luck into each of your lives. This new year will also mark our first blog anniversary which btw happens to be on 13th Feb 2011. So I have been thinking to change the look for this blog. I'm sure most of you must be tired of  the same old look :P So I was just hoping if you guys could help me out by creating a new blogger layout and banner for this blog. I would prefer the layout to be a mixed collage of many tv shows and movies posted here which you love & probably a simple banner or vice versa. You wouldn't be only doing a great favor by helping me out but also the best layout would be given an awesome prize by me!! Everyone is encouraged to enter, even if you don't know anything about designing, you could give it a try or let all your designer friends know about this contest. The more, the merrier!! This contest ends on 10th Feb. So you have 1 month and 5 days to design your layout and send to me.

How the process works?
1) Comment on this post with your email address saying you are interested in joining this contest or if you are uncomfortable leaving your id here in public you could leave it on my formspring.
2) I will email you confirming you want to join.
3) Then whenever you get done with your layouts and banners you could email them to me before the deadline which is 10th Feb!!
4) If I like a lot of entries and I'm confused I would ask for public votes or else I would select myself. So to get your entry selected and voted by people send more entries.

Please Note:-
You can send individually as many entries as you like.
One entry includes both layout and banner designed by you.
You can credit your work (both layout and banner) on the lower right-hand side of your design.
It has to be an original design, not posted on the internet anywhere or else the entry will be disqualified on the grounds of plagiarism.
If your work is selected to be used on this blog, you are not allowed to use it anywhere else on the net including your personal site.
I might extend the deadline in few cases.

So let your creativity flow :D :D


Berta said...

i would like to enter:) my email is

Fatemh said...

I think its a great idea, and i would definately like to join.
My E-mail:

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it if I have extra time. my email is :)
this will be fun.

Fabian said...

im a pro at blogger themes and have been doing it for 4 years, should be easy my email is:

Jim said...

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Reeshy said...

I would like to enter as well, if I'm not too late. :) My email is: